Burger King Soups Up for South Beach

Tourists visit South Beach to indulge and others move there because the real estate is all about living large. So why shouldn't fast food burger joints in the area follow suit with extra perks? We'd all like to think that fast food only thrives in strip malls and suburbia, but the fact is, where there are tourists, there will be fast food.

But this time, a The King has gone South Beach. The Miami-based Burger King opened it's second "Whopper Bar" store on trendy Washington Avenue with a few new perks to set itself apart - home delivery and beer. That's right: beer!
So if you live on the beach there's no reason to fork over $15 for a burger and another $10 for a brew at one of the pricey and trendy burger joints that have popped up within the last year. Burgers are having their moment right now (along with hot dogs) as Americans embrace comfort food.

At this new BK, you can get a flame-broiled burger and beer (Busch and Miller Coors brands only) with fries for $7.99 at the Burger King Whopper Bar on Washington Avenue and 11th Street.

Sure you can go through the drive-thru at the McDonald's on Alton Road or walk up to the window at the other Micky D's on Washington and order a Quarter Pounder with cheese. But the real treat for South Beach residents is the home delivery.

If they don't want to leave their living room, dodge tourists and worry about finding parking, they can just call 305-531-FIRE. A BK burger and fries will be delivered to their door by a guy or girl driving a scooter. How South Beach.

And if Miamians are out clubbing with friends and need to soak up some of the libations they've indulged in, the Whopper Bar stays open until 5 a.m., another convenience for locals.

However, if for those who shun fast food, shell out a few more bucks for a juicy slab of prime beef between two buns (referring to hamburgers people!) and skinny fries at these local joints.

Top South Beach Burger Joints
8oz Burger Bar
Burger & Beer Joint (B&B)
Bliss Burger & Bistro Lounge
Cheeseburger Baby

On the Mainland (over the bridge and through the city)
Five Guys Burger & Fries
One Burger
Bijan's Burger Joint

Mobile Burger
Latin Burger
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