Update: Celeb Robber's Lawyer Also Crook

If you're accused of stealing Lindsay Lohan's clothing and jewelry, would you dare wear it to court?

Yes, if you're Courtney Leigh Ames, 19, member of the so-called "Bling Ring." (Oh no she didn't!)

That's just one of the updates in the motley crew also known as "Burglar Bunch"...

Last month Ames came to court wearing Lohan's necklace and a jacket belonging to Paris Hilton, according to the Los Angeles Times blog. (More criminal counts for you, Ames!)

This week one of the gang member's lawyers was charged for bribing a witness in another case. It seems like the "Bling Ring" gang are competing between themselves for publicity before returning to court Feb. 10th.

The gang is accused of stealing up to 3 million dollars worth of clothing and jewelry from actors and personalities such as Lohan, Hilton, Brian Austin Green, Ashley Tinsdale, Audrina Patridge, Orlando Bloom and Megan Fox.

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