Portrait of a Facebook game fan


As an avid social gamer, I always feel a twinge of guilt when I find a stash of machetes in Mafia Wars or a Lost Kitten in FarmVille and decide to post that information to my Facebook page. I know that while I'm helping my fellow FarmVillians out, I'm also royally pissing off my friends who choose to abstain from these games.

So, I couldn't help but chuckle when a friend passed along this comic called How to Suck at Facebook from The Oatmeal. Number one on the list? Spamming friends with invite and updates to your favorite games. Busted!

portrait of a facebook game fan
portrait of a facebook game fan

When you stop laughing, you should check out the other ways to suck at Facebook, which include horrible photo tagging, quiz taking and people with no filters. Thank you, Mr. Oatmeal, for reminding me to keep the spamming in check.