Living Large, Like Michael Jackson

Despite the broader move toward smaller homes and downsizing, some people still like to consume conspicuously, especially if they're wealthy and looking to live in Sin City.

A 16,461-square-foot home that Michael Jackson rented for six months in late 2007 and early 2008 just sold in Las Vegas. It was the biggest home sold in that city in about a year- more than 2,000 square feet larger than a former Nicolas Cage home that sold in Vegas earlier this week.

The gloved-one's former residence at 2785 S. Monte Cristo sold for $3.1 million in cash, a discount from the list price of $3.95 million, says the seller's agent, Coldwell Banker Premier Realty's Carolyn Mullany, who had the listing for just more than one year.
"We received a tremendous amount of traffic because of the Michael Jackson connection," Mullany told HousingWatch. The buyers made an offer on the property Friday and closed the sale on Tuesday, she said.

The new owners, a doctor-lawyer couple, paid cash for the 7-bedroom, 10-bath home. They have other luxury properties in California and Asia.

The new owners could practically get lost in this home. At more than 2,000 square feet, the master bedroom alone is larger than the average Joe's primary residence.

The master has a large covered patio, a fireplace, a secret exit to a rooftop deck designed for sun bathing, and a Zen zone.

There is also an amazing his-and-hers bathroom with a ten-head shower with steam and a jacuzzi tub that fits more than two, if the owners are inclined to share their waters.

A fitness room features a dance floor and a sauna. And don't forget the home's theater room, orchestra loft and elevator.

The one-acre gated and walled property also has au pair quarters (a 2-bed, 1-bath attached apartment - lucky nanny!), tennis and basketball courts and a backyard pool.

Mullany notes, "When prices are right people, people will buy" even extremely large homes.

For those of you who can't join them, just beat it.

Sheree R. Curry is an award-winning business journalist who resides in a Minneapolis suburb.

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