FarmVille unreleased items: Horse Stable & Clock Tower

The FarmVille Horse lovers will be happy to know that a stable is coming soon! Some of you FarmVille Freaks previously expressed your concern for the Horses that were forced to bear reside in extreme weather condtions throughout the Winter. Thankfully a stable is in the works to keep your Horses cozy all year long.farmville freak dr green thumb at a horse stable
A Clock Tower will also be coming soon to FarmVille. Thanks to FarmVille Freak Lisa for finding these images.farmville freak farmgoddess at a clock tower
To catch a sneak peek of these unreleased items, visit the links below.

FarmVille Horse Stable (Click Here)

FarmVille Clock Tower (Click Here)

This article originally appeared on FarmVille Freak.
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