FarmVille unreleased country flags: coming soon

FarmVille unreleased country flags: coming soon
farmville colombia flag
farmville romania flag
farmville finland flag
farmville denmark flag
farmville bolivia flag
farmville china flag

Thank you to Detective FarmVille Freak Lisa and Dr. Green Thumb for these great finds!

FarmVille has intentions of pleasing every farmer from around the world. Some day in the future many more farmers will be able to display their country's flag on their farms.

Although there is no release date as of yet, here are some of the country flags that will be added:

- Colombia (notice it has been misspelled by FarmVille as ColUmbia)
- Denmark
- Finland
- Romania
- Belarus
- Russia
- China
- Taiwan
- Thailand
- Venezuela
- Peru
- Chile
- Bolivia
- Poland
- Ukraine
- Romania
- Georgia
- Latvia
- Ecuador

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