FarmVille corrects deer sizes


Thank you to FarmVille Freak Michael for noticing and documenting the new changes to the deer in FarmVille:

Hey Farmgoddess, Dr. Green Thumb, & FarmVille Freaks!

The other day, I was on the FarmVille forums commenting on a post about things that needed to be changed. I uploaded a photo showing how the Deer and the Doe were extremely disproportionate to each other. (If you hadn't noticed, the Deer was minute compared to the hulking Doe.)

I uploaded this photo to show my point:

farmville freak michaels old deer
farmville freak michaels old deer

I logged in tonight to find that the Deer has been sized up to have the same body size as the Doe. Also, the Deer was renamed a Buck, which does make more sense considering the female's name.

Here is the new photo:

I guess this means that Zynga does listen to their fans after all!

Thanks, and happy farming!

FarmVille Freak Mike

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