iTab or anything Apple: This PC user is switching to Macs

Apple iPad
Apple iPad

I'm certainly not the first person to make this declarative statement, and I certainly won't be the last: I'm done with Microsoft Windows PCs. Done. Over. Once my current array of four Windows XP computers die, it's all Mac from that point forward.

The awesomeness of the new iPad and another weekend wasted on brain-melting Windows repairs have convinced me that it's time for a big change.

Like an abused spouse, I've put up with my relationship with Windows for far too long. Through too many data losses to count (I once lost an entire independent movie I had directed and edited), through too many inexplicable crashes, viruses, and too many days spent reinstalling from boot discs and jury-rigging back-end technology I'll never fully understand, I've endured one insult after another. One crushing meltdown too many.