24's Kiefer Sutherland roped into $869,000 scam by line of bull

Kiefer Sutherland swindleI could see how the typical Hollywood star might be duped in a cattle investment scam, but Kiefer Sutherland? The man probably knows cows better than any other actor, since he's spent many a weekend chasing and roping them from horseback.

Unfortunately, this familiarity might have helped make him the perfect patsy for reputed scam artist Michael Wayne Carr. TMZ reports Carr has been charged with bilking Sutherland out of $869,000 in a cattle investment swindle.

Apparently Carr promised to deliver a windfall by buying Mexican cattle and importing them to the U.S., but all he really delivered was a load of bull. He's now charged with grand theft, embezzlement and other crimes.
After Sutherland portrayed a rodeo star in the 1994 picture "The Cowboy Way," he fell in love with the sport to the extent that he bought his own 900-acre ranch in western Montana and took up the sport for real. He was twice part of a national team roping competition champion. The sport, evolving out of typical ranch work, calls for two riders, working together, to rope steers fore and aft.

While we know that an actor and the character he portrays usually have little similarity, Sutherland's rodeo experience proves that he has acquired certain skills as a result of his acting. Therefore, I'm not sure I'd swindle Sutherland, who plays Jack Bauer on the television series "24." Bauer is way too proficient at torture.

Imagine what he could do to a scam artist? I'm thinking, rope his arms and legs, suspend him between two horses, and yell giddy-up!

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