Sorry, FarmVille fans, no Apple iPad for you

No Facebook games on the Apple iPad -- sorry!
No Facebook games on the Apple iPad -- sorry!

The just-announced Apple iPad does almost everything -- lets you check your mail, surf the Web, check in on Facebook, read e-books and run iTunes store-style apps (including games), but -- from what we saw in today's big Apple press conference -- but the one of the big shortcoming of this device is that it will not play FarmVille, Pet Society or any other Flash or Facebook game, period.

This issue alone is one of the biggest limitations of Apples handheld gadgets, and while we think the iPad has as much potential as the iPhone to be a formidable gaming platform, it will still require companies like Zynga, Playfish, etc create special versions of their games to reach on-the-go Apple users.

During the conference, Scott Forstall, SVP of iPhone software, says they invited a few game companies -- including the largest game developer on the App store, Gameloft -- to give them a first look at the device. A Gameloft rep showed off a first-person shooter named Nova (which has been available for iPhone for a while), which looked good, even though the gameplay looked a little choppy.

Electronic Arts also showed off Need for Speed Shift on the device, which looked great, but those of us waiting to play online games are still going to have to wait until Zynga decides to create an App store version of FarmVille that somehow works seamlessly with the one on Facebook.

The Apple iPad starts at $499 and will be available in 60 days. Versions that include 3G will be available in 90 days.

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