Sarah Palin Shoots Wolves; Home Prices

Sarah Palin may enjoy hunting wolves via helicopter, but, nearby homeowners might want to ask about her ability to shoot down something else: the valuation on her Wasilla home. The Palin home is worth a lot less than her neighbors' homes -- reducing her property tax obligations.

If Palin isn't paying her fair share, who's really picking up the tab for trash removal in Wasilla?
The wolf-hunting, abstinence-promotinggranny lives at 1140 West Parks Highway in Wasilla, Alaska. Her four-bedroom house, which sits on two lakefront acres, is presently valued at roughly $240,000 or $500,000, depending on whose estimates you use. Its overall value has decreased in line with other home values in Wasilla and the national overall.

But a little digging on Wasilla, Alaska homes listings raises an interesting question: Did Palin put a "death panel" on her home's valuation? It might appear so given the vast difference in valuation compared to her the many million-plus dollar homes in the area.

Take Sarah's neighbor's house (below) on the market at 1377 Parks Highway, a mere 0.3 miles away - just 47 seconds drive by car. The house (asking price $899,000) has been on the market for 135 days.

A short, 7.3 mile drive to another neighbor's listing at 1991 Driftwood Circle (asking price $1,695,000). It's been on the market 136 days.

It seems strange that Palin's home is valued so much lower than her neighbors. Were special favors were called in to reduce her property tax bill? (Just say'n!)

Palin, who "went rogue" and quit her day job as Alaskan Governor last year, recently signed on as an intellectual heavyweight at FOX News.
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