Mafia Wars homepage de-cluttered, plus new mission recommendations

The Mafia Wars front page has been retooled, and will be rolling out to players over the next week.

Why should you care? The new design is much less cluttered than the old (see comparison below) and messages have been consolidated to make room for the new Recommendations Box, which will suggest up to three different jobs for New York and Cuba, Zynga says. It's great for the game to offer some guidance, but we're still wondering why these recommendations won't also include missions from Moscow and Bangkok as well.

Apparently this is just the beginning for updates to the homepage -- "We're planning on adding even more features and improvements to the new homepage in the near future, so it'll get even better over time." Our biggest wish? That gifting could be contained within Mafia Wars, so we don't have to bounce back to Facebook and then back to the game again to claim precious loot provided by our friends.

mafia wars layout gets a makeover

Let us know if you have the new Mafia Wars layout and if you like it better than the old one.
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