Mafia Wars Bangkok "more accessible" to newbies

mafia wars bangkok
mafia wars bangkok

A note on the Mafia Wars Facebook page gives some more details about the new expansion, including the fact that the game will be "more accessible" to newer players.

Players levels 18 to 200 will use a sliding scale for the amount of energy required to complete missions and the payouts for those missions as well. That means, if you're at a lower level, it will take less energy to complete missions, and that also means the cash earned from those missions will be smaller (boo). If you're above level 200, the sliding scale will not apply.

Fortunately, we were granted early access to Mafia Wars Bangkok -- and will have full coverage on the expansion soon.

In the meantime, work on snagging the loot required to get a passport to this new area; which will be launching for everyone as early as this week.

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