It's 'Apple Tablet Day' -- Will the new uber-device support FarmVille and others?

Will the new Apple tablet support FarmVille and other Facebook games?At 1 p.m. EST today, Apple will be making a big announcement, and if the rumors are true, it will be about the new tablet device, which will either be more like an oversized iPod Touch or a compact laptop with a touch screen.

We're keeping our fingers crossed for the latter, since the iPod Touch and iPhone do not currently support Flash, making it impossible to play FarmVille and our other favorite Facebook games on them (without companies creating a special version of the game, e.g. Bejeweled Blitz).

Last week, we talked to top social game makers to see if they had any plans to work with Apple on this new mystery device. We heard everything from a 'not right now' from Zynga to a more positive we-support-everything-Apple-does response from PopCap. Stay tuned for any updates on social gaming and the Apple tablet later this afternoon.

Facebook game makers drop hints about Apple tablet device
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