Hidden Mattress Way Cooler Than Murphy Bed

Build a better mousetrap and you'll catch more mice. Build a better bed and you'll catch more zzzzzz's.

You might even catch the attention of your design-appreciating friends, too, if you spring for this spare, not-a-Murphy-bed set-up.

Fresh from the "Hellz yes, I'm over blow-up mattresses" file, we found this: the "Zoom Room." And trust us, it sounds a lot better than this idea for a spare bed.

The "Zoom Room" idea springs forth from the idea that well, bed springs are not cool...

Instead, the Zoom Room bed is constructed of wooden slats. This allows the bed frame to bend and articulate more than a standard spring-box bed - the key to its genius.

The Zoom Room slithers up and is stored behind cabinetry. The custom cabinetry can be built to house your television, stereo, or books. (See the computer animation of the Zoom Room in action here.)

It also comes with a remote control so that your spare bed simply slides out of the wall like a hibernating animal sprung to life. (No word if you can use the same remote to dim the lights.) The Zoom Room ends those late nights you endured with the high-pitch whine of the air pump necessary to fill your air mattress. We trust you and your guests won't miss that.

The Zoom Room ain't cheap: it starts at $3,500 without the custom cabinet and can go up to $5,700 for custom configuration. Those dollar coins will feel well-spent if you consider you've graduated from sleeping bags, futons, and I-call-the-right-side-of-mattress days.

One last, very serious warning: a comfortable guest bed means you'll have more visitors.
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