FarmVille Maroon & Yellow Mystery Box -- What's inside?

FarmVille released a new Maroon and Yellow Ribboned Mystery Box on 01.26.10.

FarmVille Maroon Mystery Box Notice

It costs 16 FV$ or farm cash and promises special exclusive prizes.

:::Spoiler Alert:::

The following are confirmed Maroon and Yellow Ribbon (01.26.10) Mystery Box Prizes:

  • Mini Pony, 500 XP
  • Cottage Deluxe, 400 XP
  • Fountain, 250 XP
  • Foot Bridge, 250 XP
  • Outdoor Fireplace, 250 XP
  • Snow Mobile, 100 XP

FarmVille Freak Kelly's Mini Pony

FarmVille Freak KebBaby2007's Water Fountain

FarmVille Freak Armando's Outdoor Fireplace

FarmVille Freak Marci's Snowmobile

FarmVille Freak Maria's Foot Bridge

FarmVille Freak Noel's Cottage Deluxe

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What did you get in this Maroon and Yellow Ribboned Mystery Box prize?

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