FarmVille glitch: Super Pumpkin seeds off-limits for some fans


If you log into FarmVille and find that the new Super Pumpkins are not available to you (and you're a Facebook fan of the game), then that's a glitch that the crew behind the scenes says they're working to fix. For those of you who've lost valuable harvesting time, Zynga says that they'll extend the time as compensation.

farmville super pumpkin glitch
farmville super pumpkin glitch

Not sure, if you're a fan of the game? Head to FarmVille's Facebook fan page and click the Become A Fan button at the top of the page. Reload your FarmVille game and see if you have access to the limited edition Super Pumpkins.

Still wondering what a Super Pumpkin is? Be sure to read this article describing this super-charged seed that's designed to maximize profit and experience points. They're only around for a few more days, so rev those tractor engines and get planting.

Have you had any problems accessing FarmVille's Super Pumpkin seeds?

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