Energy Biscuit for FarmVille Players!

farmville zynga haiti relief fund biscuit

Following Zynga's fund raising for the victims of the Haiti earthquake, 1 million US dollars have been raised and donated for a noble cause - that of helping the victims in Haiti. In return for the kind gesture from social game players from all over the world, Zynga decided to offer us a virtual goodie, the FarmVille energy biscuit. See the announcement message on the right.

"Wow! We're humbled by your generosity. In thanks for your $1 million donation to the Zynga Haiti Relief Fund, please check your Gift Box!"

If you check your gift box, you'll see the energy biscuit that's available for use (pictured below). You are probably wondering what does the FarmVille energy biscuit do to your virtual farmer. Here's the answer: the Energy Biscuit gives your avatar a speed boost, making it move faster and work faster for 24 hours. A pretty nice addition, at least for those who are not using the block trick to make things even faster.

Article reprinted with permission from Social Games Help.

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