Five Reasons Being A Recent College Grad Will Help You Find a Job

A recent article about job trends says that the U.S. may become a nation of freelancers. While the tone of the article was gloomy, this made me think about the reasons being a recent college graduate may make it easier for you to find a job.

These are my five reasons why:

1) You are not tied down: A lot of unemployed people who are older are tied down by family and a home. They are not very willing to move. College grads usually don't have that baggage weighing them down and can go where the jobs are. As long as you are willing to move, you increase your chances of finding a job.

2) You are cheap:While this may not sound like a positive, for getting that first job, it is a definite plus. Lots of companies are looking to replace more expensive workers with younger people who can afford to work for less money, and also are willing to start out freelancing.

3) You are tech savvy: I know people my age who still can't program a DVR or VCR. Younger people know their way around computers and other tech equipment and that makes you valuable in a lot of industries.

4) You are already multi-taskers: Four words that employers hate to hear are "That's not my job". Long time employees tend to be set in their ways and often find it harder to adapt to the realities of the new workplace. An example in my former industry: There is a trend towards having TV reporters shoot their own video. Many older reporters have either refused or simply can't get the hang of doing it. And, that has opened up jobs for younger reporters who already know how to multi-task.

5) You are a blank slate: Many employers like the fact that you are new, enthusiastic, and willing to be trained to do things the way a company wants them done.

So, while there may be some disadvantages to not having a lot of experience, there is also an upside to being young, fresh, and ready to do whatever it takes to get that job.

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