Zoo World Tips & Cheats: Getting Started Guide


Drop your pitchforks and cancel that flight to Moscow -- it's time to head to Zoo World. RockYou's animal management social game, which debuted last fall, puts players in charge of maintaining a zoo. That means acquiring animals, recruiting zookeepers, buying kiosks, decorating and more (though thankfully, it doesn't include shoveling animal waste!). Here's a quick guide to help you get started on a zoo of your own.

Getting Started

Zoo World's leveling up system is different than those of most popular social games. Instead of earning experience points, the game will task you with certain goals to meet before you reach the next level. These are akin to 'Achievements' that you'll find in other games, except that in Zoo World, they aren't just side quests to complete.

zoo world cheats and tips: getting started guide
zoo world cheats and tips: getting started guide

For example, to reach level 3, you'll have to buy an animal, recruit a zookeeper (more on that later), view your report card, and purchase a veterinarian. Future levels require you to purchase certain types of animals, reach a daily profit goal, attract a certain number of visitors and so on.

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