You can still get in Marilyn Monroe's panties, but why would you want to?

When you think of Marilyn Monroe's iconic sewer grate photo, is the first thing that comes to mind the style and cut of the panties she was wearing? Yeah, me neither.

But Protec-Style Lingerie is betting that some women have noticed -- and that they long to channel Monroe's glamour by wearing the same type of underwear.
Now -- take a look at the $21 style. Can I just say what everyone's thinking? These are granny panties. Part of the reason we're still talking about Monroe is that she could wear a paper bag and look gorgeous, but I'm willing to wager that if she had known she was about to be snapped in history's most famous upskirt photo, she might have gone for something slightly less diaper-like.

Plus -- good luck fitting this retro silhouette under clothes cut for today. I can't think of many things this would work under -- besides the odd open shirtdress shown in the photo, which I would strongly recommend nobody try.

And if I still haven't convinced you not to wear this underwear, just a tip: you can get white granny panties anywhere. Here's a 5-pack at Wal-Mart -- you can be a big-briefs bombshell for less than $10.
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