The Future Flush


If you missed World Toilet Day last November (we did) let us bring you up to date on the latest toilet trends.

Like everything else in your home and life, toilets are getting smarter, greener and equipped with more bells, whistles and high-tech doodads than you could ever imagine (like those models with sensors that automatically lift and close the lid when you approach and depart - fancy!).

The green evolution is always welcome because the humble old crapper is an environmental disaster area, what with all the water we waste flushing, the toilet paper clogging pipes and the cruddy sewage systems that destroy our waterways.

So designers are coming to the rescue, as they so often do, to make toilets better, especially when you consider that the average American uses over 100 gallons a day of water, a good portion of it flushed away.

Advances to consider the next time you buy a new toilet....

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