Spring style worth the spend

New year, new you? If resolutions for 2010 include hitting the refresh button on your personal style, let's start at Ground Zero -- your closet. Forge ahead with that diet and exercise plan, but if you're looking for a quick fix (and who isn't) let's talk tweaking.

For most of us, a brand new wardrobe isn't in the (credit) cards this year. Luckily, clever is the new cool and 2010's "it" girls will be the ones who know what clothes to keep and which new pieces to add. When even the First Lady is photographed wearing the same dress more than once, times have definitely changed. The trick is to make sure you look really, really good in that dress.

A mini-budget can have maximum impact when style-seekers know what's worth the money, and what isn't.

Fads: buy low. Remember leg warmers? Clothes that are the equivalent of a one night stand don't need to endure the test of time. Don't overspend for a fashionable flash-in-the-pan. Think fun, flirty, but not forever. 2010 fad alert: harem pants (don't say I didn't warn you), hair bows, jumpsuits, corsets, long vests, floppy "paper-bag" waists, 70's style "dolphin" shorts, and anything worn by Lady Ga Ga..

Love and money should be reserved for classic pieces that promise to live up to their price tag, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health. Except in cases of true investment dressing (i.e. Chanel suit or Valentino LBD) "til death" might be pushing it. These are the things to reach for when you want to feel the confidence that comes when clothes fit right and flatter perfectly. However, just because a piece is the strong, reliable type doesn't mean it has to be boring. Some clothes just ooze quality, and that can usually be attributed to good fabric, thoughtful details and workmanship. These are the items worth rescuing from a fire.

This spring, several trends promise to go the distance.