Sex reduces heart disease. An inexpensive treatment option?

couple kissingSex at least twice per week can reduce heart disease according to a new study at the New England Research Institute in Massachusetts. Researchers tracked the sexual activity of men between 40 and 70 years old who were taking part in a long-term project called the Massachusetts Male Ageing Study, which began back in 1987. In research involving more than 1,000 men, scientists found that sex apparently has a protective effect on the male heart. They did not examine whether women benefit too.

Over a 16-year period, each man was regularly quizzed on how often he had sex and then checked for signs of heart disease. Researchers took into account other risk factors, such as their age, weight, blood pressure and cholesterol levels. The results showed men who made love at least twice a week were much less likely to have heart disease than those whose sexual encounters were limited to once a month or less.

Scientists feel the positive effects are both physical and emotional. Men with a healthy sex life are likely to be in a committed relationship, where they also find support and someone to share feelings with. There may also be a cardiovascular benefit from increased heart rate and blood flow.

Whatever the reason, there are millions of men happy to hear the news, including my husband. He has had cardiovascular disease for many years due to high lipids. He has had multiple stress tests, and three angioplasties with stints. He now informs me that I am the solution to his problems and I need to step up to the plate. He points out that having sex is a whole lot cheaper than an angioplasty. A lot more fun too.

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