Save custom layouts in Restaurant City now!

There are some big changes today in Restaurant City, the most important of them being the addition of custom layouts and the possibility to save different restaurant designs (and switch from one to another) with just one click of the mouse!

There are three restaurant designs you can save for your Restaurant City account - you can unlock the second design at level 10 and the third at level 20. Now you can have themes for all moods! do you access the new custom layouts in Restaurant City?You simply have to click the redecorate button and you'll see the layout buttons in the upper left corner, as seen in the picture below (click to enlarge):
Then, you can switch to layout number 2 or three and start creating your brand new restaurant! It's costly indeed (if you have no "spare" parts and decorations) but it certainly is a great addition and you'll be able to switch from one design to another with a single click! I have started to redecorate my restaurant and the result will certainly be amazing:

Do you have enough money to take advantage of the new Restaurant City layouts feature?

Article reprinted with permission from Social Games Help.
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