Nicolas Cage is Leaving Las Vegas


Nicolas Cage continues to shed assets like a stripper loses clothes.

The financially strapped actor, who is selling off properties to ease his IRS woes, just knocked another one off the block. A 14,306-square foot luxury Las Vegas property he lost to the bank recently is now in escrow and expected to close on Wednesday, the broker revealed.

In a good sign for luxury sales and strapped celebs, the sprawling home -- which features a 16-car garage -- sold the first day it was on the market for close to the asking price of $4,950,000.

The 45-year old Oscar-winner owes the IRS more than $13 million in back taxes, and has unloaded about six properties recently, and has at least another three to go. He foreclosed on four homes -- two in New Orleans, one in California and the one in Las Vegas. The actor sold one in New York, has unloaded two in Bath, England and has one in Rhode Island still for sale, as well as properties for sale in the Bahamas.