Apple Tablet: 10 Things We (Already) Hate About You


Note: This item was written two days prior to the iPad's fateful release. Our crystal ball was a little hazy, so our predictions were off in a couple of cases, most notably the $499 starting price, which is admirable, and the alleged 10-hour battery life. Thanks to all who corresponded with witty missives. Now that the device has been released, we'll be offering some thoughts shortly.

For several months, rumors that Apple (AAPL) will release a touchscreen tablet-style computer have dominated the tech world, despite little or no tangible news to verify that. But that hasn't stopped reporters and bloggers from diving into the rushing stream of speculation over this still unnamed "iTablet," hurling themselves headlong into Steve Jobs's infamous "reality distortion field" (and generously fueling Apple's publicity machine). But not us. No, here at DailyFinance, we're far above leaping into the mosh pit. Instead, we realized we had 10 excellent reasons not to buy an Apple tablet. (Full disclosure: we've used Apple products for 20 years and love them.)