TSA Employee Punished for Powder Prank

tsaToday in the actually-deserves-to-be-fired department we have the TSA screener who stopped Rebecca Solomon, a 22-year-old University of Michigan student, as she was going through security in Philadelphia and plucked a baggie of white powder from her computer case.

Hey, we all know flying can be stressful. But generally it's because of the crying baby next to you on the 14-hour flight, or lengthy security lines, or maybe getting busted for having a 5-ounce lotion in your carry-on. Or perhaps it's because you're a bad flyer. But can you imagine the anxiety that occurs when you think you're being framed on drug charges?

The incident occurred on January 5, just two weeks after the underwear bomber was prevented from doing his intended destruction on board Flight 253 from Amsterdam to Detroit. But despite heightened security being implemented worldwide, our TSA employee seems to have been more concerned with his own amusement.

As his victim burst into tears at the sight of the baggie and tried to explain she'd never seen it before, he smiled, waved it at her, and announced, "You should've seen the look on your face!"

A TSA spokeswoman has confirmed that the practical-joking employee is no longer employed by the company, though "for privacy reasons" she couldn't say whether he was fired.

Memo to TSA: Let's keep the pranks out of the office, K?

At least Rebecca is a psychology major. This should give her some good stuff for that term paper.

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