Trade in that old iPod for a new one, or a little cash

I just learned about Target's trade in program for new and used iPods, iPhones, cameras, DVDs, and other electronic devices. With a few clicks you can check if your aging gadget and movies are worth anything.

When I typed in "ipod" there were 117 options. The program even accepts first generation scroll wheel iPods.

To determine the value of my extremely old and scratched 20GB iPod from the early 00s, the site asked me for the gadget's overall condition, four questions about functionality, and if I had any accessories. It's net value? $23.80.

I think I'll keep using my outdated device another few years, thank you very much. On the other hand, my new iPhone has plenty of music storage so there's no real reason I need to keep my old iPod on hand.

If you decide to trade-in your gadget, NextWorth, which runs the program for Target, will send you a pre-paid shipping box to mail in your item. NextWorth will evaluate your item and mail you a Target gift card in return.

There are many other options for trading in old iPods: offered me $18.

TuneCycle (formerly PodSwap) offered me $15 in cash or $16 in trade credit.

Apple's very own in-store trade program offered me...nada! But if you trade your iPod in store, as opposed to through the mail, you'll get a 10% discount on a new MP3 player the same day.

You can also try selling your gadet on eBay.

Where do you like to trade in your old gadgets?

Thanks, Tina!
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