Special deal on Safe Central, better than an anti-virus program


Despite the use of anti-virus programs, the safety of banking and shopping online continues to be threatened by hackers and malicious software creators who take advantage of the fact that most of us use the same computer to bank online as we do to play on Facebook or let our kids, and their friends, surf the Internet. Mixing business and pleasure is a cause for concern because criminals will often use your visit to an innocuous page to infect your computer, allowing them to gain access to your banking and other private information.

"These individuals are no longer pranksters," Ray Dickenson, CTO of Authentium, told WalletPop in a phone interview referring to malware and virus creators, "they are highly motivated criminals." Because of their determination and the high potential for reward, virus writers repeatedly prove to be a step ahead of the anti-virus products that safeguard your entire operating system. Authentium, which also makes an anti-virus product, created Safe Central to address these issues. Instead of keeping a large operating system clean, Safe Central focuses on the security of the web. By doing so it is able to lock down a smaller set of files and provide safe web sessions.