How to Un-Share your E-mail Address with Pet Society (and other Facebook games)

Did you have trigger-finger and clicked yes to this message without reading it?

If so, there's a way to undo the damage. It might be as simple as just clicking "Unsubscribe" from any mail sent by Pet Society. But here's another sure-fire way to get rid of the notices for good. Go to the "Settings" link near the top right corner of Facebook. Click "Application Settings."

Then find Pet Society in the list. Click "Edit Settings."

Click on the "Additional Permissions" tab. Uncheck the box next to "Receive updates to my Facebook contact email address."

While you're at it, you may as well uncheck the box "Publish to streams." This will prevent the application from blasting all your friends with constant reports of "Melody is now playing with her pet Muffintop in Pet Society." No one needs to know about your game addiction, riiiight?

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Pet Society Anonymous.

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