Goodbye PDA, Hello PGA: When your genome tells you what to buy


Nearly 20 years ago the Apple Newton became the first device to be called a PDA, 14 years ago Nokia provided a newly mobile world with the 9000 Communicator, which was the first phone with PDA functions.

Since then we have quickly become a nation that relies on our phones to help us remember important information, check prices, run background checks on our dates and even do our taxes.

These tasks, while impressive, are but the beginning of the ways in which our mobile phones will help us make decisions.

According to Dr. Andras Pellionisz, a triple PhD holder, the time is near when phones will evolve from a PDA to a PGA -- Personal Genome Assistant capable of helping purchase the right vitamins and foods to delay or prevent proclivities to diseases such as macular degeneration or diabetes that are revealed by genotyping.