Celebrate Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day with virtual bubble popping

Originally invented as a plastic backed wallpaper in New Jersey garage 50 years ago, bubble wrap never really caught on as wallpaper, but it quickly became the go to packaging material for shipping heavy or fragile items.

No one knows how long it took for the iconic packaging material to transform yet again from a simple packing tool to stress reliever, afternoon child entertainer and tool of pranksters, but it has and to celebrate its place in the American psyche, every year the last Monday of January is celebrated as Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day.

This year marks the 50th birthday of Bubble Wrap and just in case your boss is still stingy about office supplies we have tracked down several ways to get your Bubble Wrap popping fix without raiding the supply closet.

The first, and easiest way is to visit Sealed Air's own BubbleWrapFun.com where you can use visit the Bubble Wrap Machine to pop virtual bubbles ranging from small to large and, if you dare, try out the addictive mode which lets you pop bubbles as fast as you can move your mouse.

Celebrating Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day on the go? No worries, there's an app for that.

If you have an iPhone there are several Bubble Wrap popping apps to choose from including BubbleWrap, which is free, or A Bubble Wrap App - iBubbleWrap! which costs 99 cents and allows you to choose the color of your Bubble Wrap.

For Android owners you can start popping virtual bubbles with the free Bubble Wrap app that offers an endless supply of virtual Bubble Wrap or pay 99 cents for the similarly titled BubbleWrap app which adds the ability to choose what sounds the Bubble Wrap makes when popped.

Even Windows Mobile users can pop bubbles with Bubble Wrap 1.0 and BlackBerry owners are able to relieve their stress with the Bubble Blast - Bubble Wrap Popping Game available for $2.99.

However you celebrate be sure to leave enough Bubble Wrap unpopped to make a cup holder, protect your cell phone, use as a seat cushion and any of the other 1,001 uses for Bubble Wrap listed at BubbleWrapFun.
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