Bejeweled Blitz coins and boosts update coming Jan. 26


Last week, we wrote about a new beta version of Bejeweled Blitz that's currently undergoing testing, and Pop Cap says this new version of the Facebook game will officially roll out on Tuesday, January 26. The update for the iPhone version of the game is still TBD, says a company representative.

bejeweled blitz boost and coins coming january 26
bejeweled blitz boost and coins coming january 26

If you're not familiar with Bejeweled Blitz, it's a match-3 game for Facebook and iPhone, and the goal is to match as many gems (three or more of the same color) as possible in one minute. The puzzle game has a crack-like quality, and while a single round lasts 60 seconds, it's impossible to play just one. I've spent a good four hours playing this game, easy.

This week's update will add another layer to the game experience. Players will be able to earn coins while playing, which can then be used to buy boosts (or powerups) for the game. For a more detailed look at these features, check out our Bejeweled Blitz boosts and coins preview.

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