T-shirts with a twist: It's what's on the inside that counts


When the daughter of a good friend passed away in 2008, entrepreneur Scott Wilson could have sent flowers, instead he paid tribute in his own way, doing what knows best -- making t-shirts.

A clothing manufacturer in San Marcos, CA for more than 30 years, Wilson screen-printed a photo of his friend's daughter on the inside of t-shirts so the family could take comfort in keeping her close to their hearts.

Today, a year and a half later, what began as a thoughtful gesture has taken on a life and mission of its own. Wilson's newest venture, HeartThreads, a line of women's t-shirts with inspirational quotes printed on the inside has become a reality. The question is, will people pay for something no one else can see? It's sort of like getting a discreet tattoo -- without the needles! Or wearing sexy lingerie under a no-nonsense business suit. Will women be flashing their, um, messages?

Launched a little over a month ago, HeartThreads offers long-sleeve ($36) and short sleeve ($30) t-shirts (sized small -- XXL) designed in soft, pima cotton featuring four motivational themes: wisdom, faith, love, and inspiration. Messages such as "Karma: What goes around comes around. I will live my life with integrity and purpose," and "Live, love, laugh: words to live by. Live with purpose, love unconditionally, laugh out loud, I'll enjoy life every step of the way..." are two options.