Situation Worsens for California Cliff Renters

They say that when it rains, it pours, and unfortunately that's the case for the unlucky renters of Esplanade Avenue in Pacifica, Ca.

The residents of 330 Esplanade were evacuated just before Christmas amid fears that the bluff - eroded by years of heavy surf - where their building is perched would slide into the Pacific. Emergency repairs commenced immediately, but seemingly too late to stem the damage.

And now, with California being lashed by heavy rains, ground saturation has caused another 80x20-foot chunk of earth to drop off into the ocean, leaving 320 Esplanade literally on the cliff's edge.

Residents have (shockingly) not been ordered to evacuate, but there's definitely an air of uneasiness among the 20 apartment lease-holders. One in particular, who moved into 320 Esplanade after being evacuated from her home at 330 Esplanade in December.

City officials and Pacific Gas & Electric (who will cut utility services if the situation worsens) have adopted a wait-and-see attitude, but it's pretty clear where this thing is headed. Straight down into the Pacific.
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