Flaming Lips + Bath Tub + Google Streetview = Wha?

Sure, you've used the Google Maps Street View feature to scope out potential rental digs, and who among us hasn't zoomed in on a neighbor's house in hopes of catching a voyeuristic peek?

But users poking around for street-level views of Oklahoma City's Gatewood Avenue get a bit of a surreal surprise: Wayne Coyne - avant garde front-man for The Flaming Lips - soaking in a bathtub in his front yard. Huh?

The eccentric lead singer set up the tableau as part of a 2007 Halloween party on the same day that the Google Street View team happened to roll down his street. Strange timing, yes, but just one of hundreds of odd photoscaptured bytheir cameras.

Regardless of the sometimes bizarre images, Street View is an extremely useful tool for researching rental listings, and can even help you avoid being scammed by fake landlords looking to make a quick buck off of unsuspecting renters (tip: make sure the property in question actually exists at the address supplied by the landlord). Just be prepared to shield your eyes if you're shopping around in Oklahoma City.
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