America's Dirtiest Hotels Uncovered by Real Travelers


America's dirtiest hotels have been exposed by real travelers who have witnessed the dirt, grime, and cockroaches firsthand.

For the fifth year in a row, online travel review website TripAdvisor has proved there really is such a thing as "bad publicity" by combing through their user submitted ratings to uncover the hotels you should avoid at all costs.

The hotel that tops the list of skuzzy flophouses is San Francisco's Heritage Marino Hotel, where eighty percent of travelers who reviewed the hotel recommended against staying there. Three other California hotels made the list, with Miami and Virginia Beach each claiming two cruddy hotels of their own.

The good news? Hotels that formerly made the icky list seem to be cleaning up their act. New York City's Hotel Carter, the former three-time dirtiest hotel winner, no longer appears on the list. When we called the hotel, a representative said they have undergone renovations in the last six months.

Curious which other hotels are notoriously nasty? Here is the complete list, with some choice comments from TripAdvisor traveler reviews pulled from the official press release.

1. Heritage Marina Hotel, San Francisco, California:

"When we woke in the middle of the night to find BED BUGS all over the bed, we ended up sleeping in our rental car!"

"We opened the door, and the smell of mold hit us in the face like a brick."

"This hotel is like in a horrible horror movie! The bed was a nightmare. It smelled like urine and had strange spots."

2. Days Inn Eureka/Six Flags, Eureka, Missouri:

"If Hell had a hotel it would be something like this. The worst, nastiest hotel I have ever stayed in, in my life. Dirty towels, dirty room. Rude manager. Run from this place as fast as you can!"

3. Tropicana Resort Hotel, Virginia Beach, Virginia:

"The entire hotel is very dirty and smells very bad; it looks like a ghost house. We called the Virginia Beach health department and filed a complaint. We do not recommend this Place to any human being."

4. Super 8 Virginia Beach/At the Ocean, Virginia Beach, Virginia:

"I am still recovering from my stay in this hell-hole. Upon checking in there were hairs in the bathtub, and bugs on the counter...the streets are cleaner. Disgusting!"

5. Quality Inn, Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania:

"Our room looked like something from a very bad horror movie. I was scared to sleep in the bed. Just looking at it made me want to itch."

6. New York Inn, New York City, New York:

"We were greeted on our arrival by a cleaner sitting on our bed smoking and watching TV."

7. Parisian Hotel & Suites, Miami Beach, Florida:

"I had been bitten on my chin several times, my hands, forearms, legs and feet. At least 15% of my body was covered in red, burning, bites."

8. Capistrano Seaside Inn, Capistrano Beach, California:

"We spilled water on the floor and cleaned it, and the towel turned brown from all the dirt on the ground."

9. Desert Lodge, Palm Springs, California:

"Mold smell and bugs! Unavailable staff. Dirty sheets and bath tub was gross. DO NOT STAY HERE!"

10. Continental Oceanfront Hotel South Beach, Miami Beach, Florida:

"There was so much mold and dirt in the rooms, our tub had a huge hole with some nasty 'patch' over it. I felt more dirty getting out of the shower than getting in."
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