Addicted to FarmVille! Dr. Phil scolds mom for tending to crops, not family


On a recent Dr. Phil show, the tough love advocate told a mom to "get out of FarmVille .... start a garden for real."

dr. phil scolds mom for choose farmville over family
dr. phil scolds mom for choose farmville over family

Theresa, a Mom who is spending more time tending her crops than taking care of her children, was called on the carpet for going to extreme measures to get her FarmVille fix. Here's the excerpt from the show on the official Dr. Phil Web site.

Dr. Phil points out the extremes Teresa has gone to so she doesn't have to share the PC with her family. "She unplugged the router, so you would think the Internet had gone down, and as soon as you went away, she plugged it back in and went back to tending her crops," he tells Jennifer.

"Part of the reason is because of her attitude when I do ask to get on the computer," Teresa begins.

"No, it's not," Dr. Phil interrupts. "You unplugged it because you have a ridiculous addiction to a ridiculous computer game that's interfering with your ability to be a mother. You needed a fix, and she wouldn't get off, so you had to create the opportunity."

I'm not a huge Dr. Phil fan, but if FarmVille is getting in the way of doing regular life activities, you might want to rethink your priorities. However, I don't agree with his all or nothing approach, playing games in moderation can be a part of a normal, well-rounded life.

Are you addicted to FarmVille or know anyone who is?