Zynga puts an end to FarmVille link sharing

farmville link sharing -- verboten!
farmville link sharing -- verboten!

With Tuesday night's updates, Zynga has put a stop to FarmVille link sharing.

I assume that this link disabling was enforced because of all the "unlimited links" illegally bombarding FarmVille. By the way, these unlimited links are no longer working. Please stop asking for the unlimited links and please stop posting them in our comments section, fan page, and chat areas immediately as they will be deleted.

You will notice that you can no longer share Egg links, Collectable links, etc with people that are NOT your FarmVille neighbors. If you click on a shared link that is given by someone that you are not neighbors with, it will take you to your farm's loading page.

This update has not affected normal link sharing that you would post to your Facebook newsfeed. You will still be able to share links with your FarmVille neighbors through this method.

This article originally appeared on FarmVille Freak.