Online coupons: print, buy, and swap

I read in a news story weeks ago that people get 90% of their coupons from the newspaper, which is crazy because there are SO MANY COUPONS ONLINE. If it sounds like I'm shouting it's because I am.

If you only clip the Sunday newspaper, or are holding back because you don't get a paper or don't own scissors, you are missing out! And I don't want you to miss out.

There are three main ways to get coupons online. With the way newspapers are struggling, I wonder if Web sites will soon be the preeminent place to get coupons. You can print them from coupon sites, buy them, or trade for them.

1. Printing coupons from Web sites

The major sources of coupons online are,,, and (Full disclosure: AOL owns Shortcuts and WalletPop.) Each month these sites restock their coupons, which you can print from home.

Each coupon can only be printed a certain number of times, so if there are any high-value coupons you know you want, print them at the beginning of the month. Otherwise, wait to print until you are ready to buy groceries.

2. Buying coupons online

Technically, you are paying a processing fee for the coupons because buying them outright is illegal. Check out and for coupons selling from 5 cents to $1. Be careful to check the expiration date because the coupons will take about a week to arrive in the mail.

3. Trading coupons

Trading coupons with other clippers is free, but you have to find a group to trade with and pay for postage. You can mail 25 coupons into and get credits to choose 25 coupons you want.

Trade directly with other frugal fellows at,, or You can also start a coupon train by organizing a group of 5-10 clippers in your region.

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