Most Laughable Tourist Questions

"Why were so many Civil War battles fought in National Parks?" is just one example of the laughable questions tour guides and theme park employees field throughout their careers.

Earlier this month we caught up with Chuck Lennon, a media representative for Explore Minnesota Tourism, for our article "Quirky Questions Tourists Ask". After reading some of the questions Lennon and his co-workers have had to field-"Does one need a travel permit or visa to visit Minnesota?"-we decided to reach out to other members of the tourism industry. We heard from theme park employees, national park staff members, and hotel employees. Read on for a few of our favorites.

"Do the fireworks go off in the sky?"
"'How do I get back to my hotel?' To which I answered, 'Which resort are you staying at?' The answer was 'I don't know, I think I'm on the second floor though.'"
"Can you call a cab and have them pick me up right here, I'm tired" (asked in the middle of Epcot.)
-Lisa Ann Schreier, former Epcot employee

"Are your rides made of LEGO?"
"Why isn't everything made of LEGO?"
"Are the fish in the aquarium made of LEGO?

"We also get lots of jokes about how painful the slides must be and how uncomfortable our desk chairs are."
-Beth Downing, LEGOLAND

Gettysburg National Military Park
"Why were so many Civil War battles fought in National Parks?"
"Were many of the monuments damaged during the battle?"
-Bob Prosperi, Licensed Battlefield Guide

Key West, Florida
"Do you have a sunset every day? If I miss it, will it be again later?"
-Phyllis May, former concierge in Key West

Silverwood Theme Park
"Can I sleep inside your park, so I don't have to pay tomorrow?"
-Mark Robitaille, Silverwood employee

Mendocino Coast, California
"What time do the whales go by?"
-Cammie Conlon, formerly with the Mendocino Coast Chamber of Commerce

Bellingrath Gardens and Home, Theodore, Alabama
"On a rainy day, from time to time, a guest will call the Gardens on their cell phone from our parking lot and ask if it is raining in the Gardens, which is only about 30 yards away."
-Leslie Schraeder, Bellingrath employee

Holiday World & Splashin Safari, Santa Claus, Indiana
"I once overheard a guest, walking with her family and looking at the park map she was holding, say: 'Why don't they have a you are here marker on this map?'"

"We have a large Santa Claus statue in the Christmas-themed section of our park. One morning I saw a little girl, frozen with delight, staring at the huge (to her) statue. When her parents prompted, 'Who is that honey?' She broke into a run, gleefully shouting: 'Mickey!'"
-Paula Werne, Holiday World employee

Walt Disney World
"Is Walt Disney really frozen in a special room in the castle?"
"Can you turn off the rain?"
"If Goofy and Pluto are both dogs, why can Goofy talk and Pluto can't?"
"Are Mickey and Minnie married, dating, or living together?"
"What time is the three o'clock parade?"
- Dennis Snow, former Walt Disney World employee
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