Conan's moving sale, live on eBay -- and some cheaper fan options

It's official, as of a little after midnight Friday Pacific time -- Conan is exiting NBC to the tune of $32 million.

Cue the wailing from comedy fans and younger viewers. Their rallies and Tweets have gone unheeded -- so how can Conan diehards console themselves as they say goodbye?

Well, the ginger-haired host is cleaning out his office and throwing some of its contents on eBay -- he even used NBC's Web site to direct people to the sale.

But before you fire up your PayPal -- an embroidered carry-on is currently going for $25,100, and it appears the sale is restricted to pre-approved bidders.

Lucky for fans, there are plenty of other ways to celebrate O'Brien and Co. Immortalize your stance on one of television's biggest debacle ever by snapping up an iconic "I'm With Coco" shirt ($15.99,

Or hearken back to happier times -- i.e. the 'Late Night with Conan O'Brien' era. Cheer up your melancholy compadres on the go with a Triumph the Insult Comic Dog keychain ($4.99, -- or recall the best moments of the show with a DVD of the 10th anniversary special ($11.99, Amazon).

And don't forget Andy! You can get the complete series of his underappreciated "Andy Barker, P.I." on Amazon for $21.49 -- and let the laughs live on.
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