PetVille says 'thanks' by giving away 2,000 coins to fans


Want to make a quick buck in PetVille today? Then head over to the Facebook fan page and accept a one-time gift of 2,000 free PetVille coins as a thank you to fans of the game. If you're not currently a fan of the game, you'll have to become one to collect your bounty.

petville fans get 2K coins for free
petville fans get 2K coins for free

Once you click this link, the coins will automatically be deposited into your PetVille game, and you'll be ready to spend, spend, and spend again. Coins can be used to upgrade your pet's house, wardrobe or to, as the Facebook message suggests, "pick up a stage for your Pawz collection." Sounds intriguing, no?

What did you buy with your PetVille bonus?