Make money fast by getting your baby into modeling


Do you have a beautiful baby and harbor sweet dreams of mini-model stardom? If your cutie is destined to go from cradle to coverbabe, but you're not sure what to do and Terry Shields isn't returning calls, you are not alone. Although breaking into the modeling biz might seem daunting, the good news is that legitimate agencies offer a simple, straightforward and inexpensive process. The bad news; there are more adorable little faces than there are gigs.

Not all modeling agencies offer children's (ages 0-12) divisions, and those that do are based primarily in major metropolitan cities. Unfortunately for itty-bitty beauties, location does matter, and driving distance can be just as important as dimples.

Ford Models, LA Models and Wilhelmina Models are veteran agencies that have been in business for decades and have earned reputations for professionalism over the years. Eileen Ford, co-founder of Ford Models is reported to have said that pretty baby, Brooke Shields, is the reason she opened her kids' division and launched a lucrative career that has lasted a lifetime.

For babies looking to follow her lead and turn pro before they can walk, let alone "work" a runway, the first step is to find agencies with children's divisions closest to home. Check out the websites of Ford, LA Models, and Wilhemina's "Willy Kids" divisions online for a complete listing of offices and affiliates.

The next step is preparing for the agency's "open call," which is how agents go about the business of finding new faces. Each office has their own process. There is no charge for an open call. Some agencies will ask parents to simply mail 3-5 snapshots for consideration (they will not be returned), while others allow brief, in-person interviews that enable agents to meet baby and see photos at the same time. Open Calls are usually scheduled once or twice a week during specified hours and anyone interested in representation is invited to attend.