Laguna Beach Insider: A Designer's Favorite Places

A third-generation Laguna Beach resident, clothing designer Katharine Story tells us why she calls this beach paradise home and shares some of her favorite local spots.

Katharine Story

Age: Forty-something

Occupation: Clothing designer:

Laguna Beach

Abode: Renting a three-bedroom beach cottage with a studio

How long have you lived in Laguna Beach?
I grew up here. My father and grandmother came from here and my great-grandmother moved here.

What do you love most about your neighborhood?
I love that I am so close to one of the most beautiful coastlines in the whole world.

Do you talk to your neighbors?
Yes, it's a super friendly neighborhood. Most of my neighbors have been here really long, too, and I either went to school with their kids or with them.

Best kept secret in Laguna? The fall. That is the best time of year to be here. The weather is the best and the tourists are gone and all the locals are like, we got our town back! It's Indian Summer. It's just great.

What's your ideal Saturday night?
We will start at my store, which is right downtown, and then I love to have a sunset drink at Sapphire. That has a great view. And there is also a bar at the Surf and Sand Hotel at the beach. Then it's fun to see where the night takes you. There are so many night spots, so if you want eating or music, you can do whatever.

Did you ever leave Laguna?
(Laughing) Yes! When I was younger I lived in London for ten years. And I was going to move to Los Angeles, but then I got pregnant and I thought that this was such a great community to raise a child in. As a single mother I thought there was a lot of support from the town and community. There is a nice unity about the town and locals.

You showed your collection in Paris during fashion week and sell all over the world, so why is Laguna still your base? Originally, I opened my store so I could have my schedule around my son, and I knew I could do that here. It's evolved into being a successful business and at one point I had a store in L.A., too. I get to have a nice community to live in, that is beautiful, and I can do my work as well.

But as my son is now 20, I travel a lot, to Miami and Brazil and New York. That's the page I am at: Travel! Of course, I will be based here, my boutique is here, but maybe one week a month I will travel, I think that will work for me.
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