Gangster City Riot! Playfish fans dis game's adult themes

Gangster City, a new mafia game on Facebook from Playfish, is drawing mixed responses from fans Restaurant City and Pet Society. Today, the company announced the game on its Facebook fan page and the 100-some-odd comments (and counting) haven't all been glowing.

playfish gangster city on facebook, some fans are not happy

In fact, many fans seem shocked that Playfish would release a game with a decidedly more 'mature' theme -- which includes violence -- than the other games out there. While we thought the game was a bold step forward for the company, well, many of the more vocal fans seem to think otherwise:

"This is sad... i thought playfish was family oriented they just ruined it with this game," Fenny Tong wrote on Playfish's Facebook fan page.

"What the hell is playfish playing at don't you guys think we have enough gun related rubbish in the world!" wrote Zoe Stout.

Another fan says, "sad how these games show women as half dressed midriff wearing sex objects"

Others have been calling the game Mafia Wars knock-off, a game which was created by rival publisher Zynga.

"Wow .... doesn't look a THING like Mafia Wars does it..." writes Jessie Manley.

To be fair, there are positive comments as well, but largely seems like existing Playfish fans are taken aback by the new game.

Which begs the larger question -- does Gangster City (and Poker Rivals) a sign that Playfish is shifting focus? Playfish COO Sebastien de Halleux, who we chatted with earlier today says no, that they're just "maturing." We're not sure fans will see it that way, but these past two games plus the fact that Playfish is working on bringing popular EA video game franchises to Facebook (though we're not sure which ones yet), means that the cute and cuddly era of Playfish might be coming to an end.

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