Bejeweled Blitz boosts and coins add new dimension to already addictive game


Bejeweled Blitz, Pop Cap's Facebook version of the popular Bejeweled game series, has added a few new surprises to the already addictive gem-swapping game. In this special beta version of the game, you can earn coins while playing one-minute rounds, and after you've collected enough, use them to buy boosts which could drastically change the outcome of your game.

bejeweled blitz coins and boosts
bejeweled blitz coins and boosts

Earning enough coins to buy a boost require playing multiple rounds of the game. While you play, coin-bearing gems (they're imprinted with a number) will drop into the playing area, and to collect the coins, you'll have to match the gem with at least two other gems of the same color. You can also earn additional coins depending on how many multipliers are collected during a game.

When you have enough coins, it's time to go on boost spending spree. Currently, there are five types of boosts to choose from, such as one that lets you add five seconds to the game to another that blows up all of the special gems on the board. Once purchased, boosts will last for three games each, then you'll have to purchase them again. You can also use multiple boosts at the same time, which results in some rather spectacular explosions. Below is a list of boosts and how they affect the game.

Mystery Gem
Puts a random special gem on the board in the beginning of the game

Detonates all special gems on the board

Scrambles all gems on the board

Free Multiplier
Puts a multiplier on the board at the beginning of the game

+5 Seconds
Adds five seconds to the game

Right now, Bejeweled Blitz coins and boosts are in a testing phase, and Pop Cap is asking players for feedback on these new additions. So far, this seems like a great way to add something new and exciting to a game that can you turn you from a normal person to an obsessive fanboy in a matter of 60 seconds.