Back to school? Get textbooks from the library before someone else does!


Yesterday was my first day of classes for the semester and with that came the syllabus for one class with a list of three books I needed. On Amazon, the three titles would have cost me a total of $103.52.

Instead, I'm getting them for free.

How'd I do it?

As soon as the class was dismissed, I made a beeline for the door and ran -- literally ran -- to the library, pushed several people out of the way to get access to a computer ... and put in requests for all three books from the library before another cheap classmate had the same idea.

I got copies of all three books, saved a hundred bucks, and managed to avoid subsidizing the evil textbook cartel.

If you have a student who's starting classes this week, please: send him this post, and you might be able to avoid demands for textbook money.