Tight Rental Space? Try This Table/Love Seat

The biggest rub of tight apartment space can be the lack of room for a dining room table. Renters eat dinner off their laps and squeeze mini-cocktail parties around the coffee table.

If you're apartment's too tight for both a dining room table and a couch, we've got the solution for you. A clever multi-tasker from EcoSystems that can be either one.

Here's how it works:
  • Fully opened, the BADA is a 73" long dining room table
  • You can fold down a flap on both ends to make a shorter, 62" desk
  • Or, flip down a bench area and add a cushion to turn it into a love seat (left)

The table is made from reclaimed materials and given a low-VOC, natural-oil finish.

The downside? The BADA table runs $5,000-$5,750 depending on the type of wood.

If only your budget wasn't as small as your furniture-hungry pad.
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